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Post-Left vs “Woke” Left: How Alexander R. Ross Got Max Stirner Wrong

Alexander Ross and the “Woke” Left have never bothered to read Max Stirner and that’s why their critiques of the Post-Left are abysmal failures. Continue reading

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It’s Time for Anarchists to Pick Up A Gun

“Guns and self-defense are firmly in the hands of one class and one ideology. It’s time to change that.” Continue reading

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No Soros Required: An Anarchist Letter to an Occult Author

Is it that far-fetched that people are getting increasingly pissed? Might be tired of an economic and political system that has them barely making ends meet? Continue reading

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The “Stirner Wasn’t A Capitalist You Fucking Idiot” Cheat Sheet

“We are advised to act in our own interest, and only a fool would misconstrue his bosses’ interest as his own. ” Continue reading

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Dr. Bones Interviewed by The Fifth Column

Got interviewed by the excellent folks over at The Fifth Column on paganism, the occult, and Insurrectionary politics. In order to bring about an insurrection what do you think we would need to focus on first in order to be … Continue reading

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