The duty of the press is to keep the people informed, even when the things they might learn lean towards the morbidly terrible and truly bizarre.

Shit has indeed gotten weird, and it doesn’t take a Conjurer to see it. Internet trolls believe they’ve awakened an Egyptian chaos god, Russia has a new Rasputin, and a living meme currently holds the presidency. Political street battles are becoming common, Jesus is appearing in waffles, cops are executing black people for breathing, and an entire section of the population legitimately thinks capitalism can be destroyed by the ballot box or without building a few guillotines. Yes, the age we live in is weird, truly and horribly weird, a breakneck techno-hellscape where you’ll either be killed by flying robots or eaten alive by cancer.

But when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.

I aim to cover the grandest story of any journalistic investigation: the epic tragedy that is the human condition and its unrelenting desire to be free. No assurances about the ending, no home office to report to if things get too tight, just 7.5 billion rabid apes armed to the teeth and spinning on a rock getting more filled with poisonous shit by the day. It’s a story I tell through news reports, narratives, books, and essays. My tales are bitter truths and rousing calls for rebellion, narratives both mundane and soaked in sorcerous wisdom, shared freely at no cost as my gift to you.

But I need your help in telling them.

I decided long ago that I’d be a new breed of writer, a hoodoo-slingin’ gonzo reporter with a personal vendetta against all he finds exploitative. I’ve done well so far and you, dear reader, are to thank for that, but I can’t afford to do the amount of writing I’d like to working 40 hours a week. Your help will allow me to investigate more stories, write more books, and drunkenly trek to wherever the action may be, with the goal of eventually writing full time.

In return at every level you’ll have access to my patron-exclusive “Afterthoughts,” short videos dealing with concepts discussed in my articles I couldn’t explain elsewhere as well as answers to any questions that might have come up along the way. I often have to leave 1,000-2,000 words on the cutting room floor; this is your chance to hear Bonesy wisdom free from editors and polite society.

The media has the power to shape real events by interpreting them, a power increasingly capable of mobilizing bodies: Breitbart is in the fucking White House, InfoWars is only growing, and right-wing hacks like Sargon of Akkad are rolling in cash. This is not the time to be silent. Each dollar you send my way is a bullet in the chamber of a gun we’re building together, one that fires a massive .44 round at the heads of politicians and capitalists alike.

If you want to inject an Anarchist opinion into the wider world, one that calls not for peaceful marches but riots and death hexes, do me a favor and help support my work.

If you don’t, support me anyway. I’ll at least make the extinction of everything very entertaining.

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