Goddamn You Ignorant Horsefuckers: A Response to A Marxist Critique

I am working on a deadline, an article on Venezuela nearly done and two other projects still waiting in the wings. I have two clients eagerly desiring candle work and as of this writing my Ancestor Altar still needs to be given offerings. Instead I’m going to sit down with my tenth beer and answer one of the most malformed and idiotic critiques I have yet to lay eyes on.

In this world there is only one crime, that of getting caught, and getting caught being stupid surely ranks among the most grievous of that offense. I will be responding to a Marxist critique of Egoist-Communism from an individual whose read nothing I’ve written, never glanced at Stirner, and bases all their petulant screeching on one podcast I was in.

This isn’t even a good Marxist critique of individualism, nor is it anything groundbreaking. Confronted with pure stupidity I’m not going to argue, I’m going to educate, like you might a five-year old that keeps pissing the bed.

Let me start off this godawful assignment by apologizing to the Marxists reading this. I’m not pigeonholing you, these are actually the words someone wrote in some half-assed way to…I don’t know. Yell at me? The whole thing came off as the work of a naked homeless man who might scream outside my window, his dick waving endlessly in the wind as he cackles paragraph after paragraph on “the immortal science” of whatever the fuck. To be honest I’m only responding because I’ve been asked to by a friend. Normally this is the shit that gets deleted immediately.

So here goes. 11th beer. Now, what was alleged?

“Who else would attempt to reanimate the ideological corpse of Stirner, so thoroughly buried by Marx so many years ago in The German Ideology? There is no need to address at face value the ideology the learned Bones professes to hold: Saint Max’s idealism has long been superseded by Marxism. No need to re-invent the wheel!”

So…y-you wrote an entire rambling essay on Stirnerist thought…but Stirner is so defeated that examining any of his points is a waste of time. I…Jesus, I don’t even know what to make of that. You literally, as the thesis statement for this entire excursion, imply that Stirner is so defeated his ideas cannot be considered. Every word you write after that is literally you proving yourself wrong. You’re considering them.

Also calling Stirner an idealist is like calling Lao Tzu a legalist. It’s a non-sequitur. You’re just mashing words together and calling it a “critique.” His entire book is arguing AGAINST idealism in all its forms: “right,” “wrong,” “state,” “the people.”

On another note, all your claims are factually false. Please read “Pure Black: An Emerging Consensus Among Some Comrades?” for one reporter’s multinational take on where Anarchism is going. I could point to Rojava as well, where Bookchin seems to hold more water than Marx, or literally any of the hundreds of FAI cells currently operating worldwide. I can also point historically to the Autonomists and the Situationists, or even further back the followers of Galleani and Ravchol that made headlines in the early 1900’s. Marx has never been the settled answer to everything, a fact that Dengism practically screams.

The writer is being disingenuous, and admits as much. Next point please.

“It should really be more than enough, additionally, that the Doctor identifies as a ‘post-leftist.’ He admittedly rejects leftism. He is right-wing, he’s a rightist. He may have deluded himself into thinking that he is post-ideological, that he has outgrown’ politics, but we shouldn’t indulge with him in such a fantasy. But here we are.”

The author cannot provide a single quote where I have done so. The author, much like a coke-addicted baby in rehab, is incapable of looking up what “post-left” means. It is not a rejection of “leftism”, but rather a critique of it, and one that moves outside traditional means. Cue calling me a “rightist,” or said another way “person whom I don’t like very much and want to make seem scary.”

He begins with a concept he calls “workerism,” by which he means that Marxism somehow reduces an individual down to their status as a worker. It should not be necessary to point out the sheer vulgarity of this idea. Bones betrays his absolute ignorance of Marx in this position alone. The identity, the status, the class of the “worker” comes about not because Marxists will it to be, but because that is the nature of the capitalist system.

It is also the existence currently experienced by human beings living in Venezuela and China or under the Soviet Union and East Germany in the past. That’s the problem. The same people who claim to be fighting for the “liberation” of the worker only see them as a class object whereas we seek to destroy class society itself. We seek communization:

“Those who developed the theory of communisation rejected this posing of revolution in terms of forms of organisation, and instead aimed to grasp the revolution in terms of its content. Communisation implied a rejection of the view of revolution as an event where workers take power followed by a period of transition: instead it was to be seen as a movement characterised by immediate communist measures (such as the free distribution of goods) both for their own merit, and as a way of destroying the material basis of the counter-revolution. If, after a revolution, the bourgeoisie is expropriated but workers remain workers, producing in separate enterprises, dependent on their relation to that workplace for their subsistence, and exchanging with other enterprises, then whether that exchange is self-organised by the workers or given central direction by a “workers’ state” means very little: the capitalist content remains, and sooner or later the distinct role or function of the capitalist will reassert itself. By contrast, the revolution as a communising movement would destroy — by ceasing to constitute and reproduce them — all capitalist categories: exchange, money, commodities, the existence of separate enterprises, the state and — most fundamentally — wage labour and the working class itself.”

This is why we are uniformly against a worker’s state. From Malatesta:

I think a little later on the author I’m responding to says I offended his religion or something…ah, here it is:

The Marxist view of history that he is probably referring to is historical materialism, which holds that the material conditions of man throughout history are driven by a dialectic of changing material conditions. To the infantile, this can apparently only be understood as “economics.” Economics, to be clear, is only a method of quantifying and measuring very shallow slices of this vast dialectic. There is much more in the material than the economic, not that Bones is capable of understanding either.

Your dialectic does not exist. It doesn’t, no more than the Nietzschean “Will to Power” does. You mistake a metaphor, a map, for the territory itself. It may be a great philosophical tool, but the dialectic is merely a metaphor.  The anarchist regulates her life not according to the law, like the legalists, nor according to a given collective metaphysic or mystique, like the religious nationalists or socialists, but according to her own needs and personal aspirations. She is ready to make the concessions necessary to live with his comrades or her friends, but without making an obsession of these concessions.

“Bones also reveals a misunderstanding of what revolution is and what it seeks to accomplish. He claims that after the revolution, workers will still be doing the same menial, alienating, and unproductive work they were doing before the revolution..”

This is literally the historical experience of both the Soviet Union, all the Soviet satellite states, China, Brazil, Venezuela, Nicaragua, literally anywhere Marxists have taken power. Every historical example may have increased the quality of life as a worker, but you still had a manager, still had a hierarchy, and still had an entire “system” with laws, cops, and judges to answer to. Unless you think working in a factory ISN’T menial or alienating, then by all means go ahead.

There would still be work, of course, but people would relate to it much differently. It would not be menial, alienating, or exploitative, and it would directly correspond with useful social production..

How? The author makes the assertion without any historical or current examples. This can be dismissed as, and I’m using the technical term here, unadulterated bullshit. His claim is you’ll work the same but that it just some how becomes magically not as bad.

Everything Bones said in his so-called “post-leftist Egoist critique of Marxism” could be said with equal conviction by a khaki-clad young Republican, a Rand-toting right-libertarian, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, or any other rightist.

Again the author is disingenuous. These ideas have been in the Left since the 1970’s. Please read:

— An A to Z of Communisation
“Contrary to what his early writings envisaged – the abolition of work – Marx thought work would be completely different once everyone worked. When he wrote that work would become ‘not only a means of life but life’s prime want’, he was still aiming at a radical change of human existence, but thought to achieve this by putting production at the centre. The only way to go beyond work is for productive acts to be more than merely productive, for production to be part of life: then ‘life’s prime want’ will become the whole social activity. This is why we can speak of a non-economy.

–28 Theses on Class Society
“The modern communist perspective – which does not wish to maintain the proletariat for eternity, but rather to sublate it; that does not want to distribute money more justly, but rather to transcend it; that does not wish to democratize the state, but rather to abolish it – appears ludicrous alongside the countless leftist attempts to re-functionalize these social forms in a more humane manner. But it is in no way utopian, since it merely carries out the objective con- tradictions of society: a society characterized simultaneously by the total socialization as well as the complete atomization of people; that engenders unprecedented wealth alongside indescribable misery; a society which is the product of all, yet which follows its own laws and eludes all control. In contrast to the academic left, the communist perspective refuses to repeat really existing reification in the realm of theory; whereas confused professors mystify society with terms like “power”, “structure”, and “discourse”, the communist perspective sees only the work of humans, determinate forms of social practice that can be transcended.”

Listen, Marxist!
“Writing in the middle years of the nineteenth century, Marx could not be expected to grasp the full consequences of his insights into the centralization of capital and the development of technology. He could not be expected to foresee that capitalism would develop not only from mercantilism into the dominant industrial form of his day—from state-aided trading monopolies into highly competitive industrial units—but further, that with the centralization of capital, capitalism returns to its mercantilist origins on a higher level of development and reassumes the state-aided monopolistic form. The economy tends to merge with the state and capitalism begins to “plan” its development instead of leaving it exclusively to the interplay of competition and market forces. To be sure, the system does not abolish the traditional class struggle, but manages to contain it, using its immense technological resources to assimilate the most strategic sections of the working class.”

From Riot to Insurrection
“In the evolution of social contradictions over the past few years, certain tendencies have become so pronounced that they can now be considered as real changes.

The structure of domination has shifted from straightforward arbitrary rule to a relationship based on adjustment and compromise. This has led to a considerable increase in demand for services compared to such traditional demands as durable consumer goods. The results have been an increase in those aspects of production based on information technology, the robotisation of the productive sector, and the preeminence of the services sector (commerce, tourism, transport, credit, insurance, public administration, etc.) over industry and agriculture.”

Communisation and Value-Form Theory
“The critical import of value-form theory is that it calls into question any political conception based on the affirmation of the proletariat as producer of value. It recognises Marx’s work as an essentially negative critique of capitalist society. In reconstructing the Marxian dialectic of the value-form, it demonstrates how the social life process is subsumed under — or ‘form-determined’ by — the value-form. What characterises such ‘form-determination’ is a perverse priority of the form over its content. Labour does not simply pre-exist its objectification in the capitalist commodity as a positive ground to be liberated in socialism or communism through the alteration of its formal expression…While it seems true and politically effective say that we produce capital by our labour, it is actually more accurate to say (in a world that really is topsy turvy) that we, as subjects of labour, are produced by capital.

I need to drink more at this point. This doesn’t feel like an argument, or even a debate. I’m having a pretend conversation with a small poodle. Yet it goes on!

His talk about the “Union of Egoists” is particularly revealing. The ultimate form of such a Union? “Children playing a game,” Bones says. He goes on to mention a few more examples of a Union of Egoists, including Steven Soderbergh’s 2001 heist flick, Ocean’s Eleven. This is the level we are operating on: no analysis, no system, no understanding, just play and fantasy.

Unlike my Marxist comrades, I seek to speak to the people in a language they can understand. I used simple examples(such as Gofundme) to show how things can be done without ideology or specific social roles, actions where we are simply ourselves. The goal was to bring an everyday example to mind. If you want specific examples allow me to provide them for you:

Pirate Ships
Italy 1970’s
Spain 1976–1979
Comiso, Sicily 1982–3
Albania 1997
Bolivia 2000 — present
Kabyle region, Algeria 2001 — present
Argentina 2001 — ?
Basilicata, Italy, November 2003
Wildcat strikes in Italy, Winter 2003–4

To see this play out in something most Marxists are unfamiliar with, actual Class Warfare and revolutionary activity, please peruse the following news sites:

Insurrection News
Act for Freedom Now
Bite Back
Cette Semaine
Contra Info
Contra Informate
Contra Madriz
CNA Italia
Czarna Teoria
Dark Matter Publications
Earth First! US
Elephant Editions
Enough is Enough
Grecja w Ogniu
Instinto Salvaje
Jail Breaking
La Rebellion de las Palabras
Le Chat Noir Emeutier
Linksunten IMC
Network of Revolutionary Cells
Noticias de la Guerra Social
Publicacion Refractario
Radio Fragmata
Rote Hilfe CH
Sans Attendre Demain
Sosyal Savas
Traces of Fire

What else ya got?

“Egoists merely channel the hyper-individualism of neoliberalism into a particularly incoherent mold and mistake themselves as profound. The internet, the ultimate neoliberal platform, is where these keyboard warriors derive their identities and their ideologies.”

Another blatant falsehood. I’m currently interviewing an Egoist that was at G20 and can point to the FAI as a militant army of Nihilist-Individualists. They’ve done more in 2 months than any “vanguard” I’ve seen. That’s just the present. For historical examples:

Might I also add that tactically the “vanguard” or party is old news and represents zero threat on the battlefield. Insurrectionary tactics however are currently the talk of military journals worldwide. Please read:

We’ll continue with the dribble.

“In the episode, Bones also betrayed his utter disbelief in mass uprising, in mass revolution. Bones fears and distrusts the masses. As he should!”

Incorrect. The traditional Leftist view is that masters are the ones that create slaves; for Egoist-Communists, on the contrary, slaves also create their masters. If the former were to stop obeying, the latter would disappear. We don’t intend to convert the exploited, but rather to excite them, to provoke them, to stir them up against the old world.

Please read:

Lone Wolves Are Not Alone
“Thus the socialist anarchists, while refusing the system, instead of destroying class identities and economy, speak their language. They speak of the overthrowing of the existent, without however uprooting from inside them the economic-centric logic. For us, as anarcho-individualists and nihilists, economy is not the key for liberation. Economy is a part of the problem and the problem itself. The only way to strike the heart of the problem is to destroy the economy and its distinctions and speak of human relations. The world will not become prettier or more free if we collectivize work but only if we blow up the relation of work and destroy its mentality, its ethics and culture. The same will happen with friendship, love, pleasure, the meaning of life itself.On the road for continuous anarchist insurrection we do not keep anything which holds us down on the past. We tear down the myths of the revolutionary subject, of the proletariat, of the eternal wait for the right objective conditions, the social likeness towards the population, this slow moving mass which with its inactivity stops us from breathing….”

The Relevance of Max Stirner to Anarcho-Communists
“Clearly, socially oriented anarchists have been interested in Stirner’s ideas. They continue to be interested today, and for good reason. In a world where even revolutionaries too often find themselves lost among enemies of the individual and calls for self-sacrifice, the uncompromising egoism of Stirner is a breath of fresh air. So many communists, while rejecting God the Father, God the State, and God the Corporation, set up instead God the Community, a fearsome deity that Kropotkin called ‘more terrible than any of the preceding.’ For Stirner, as for the egoistic communist, these are all spooks. The communist egoist does not serve the People, the Masses, or any other spook. She serves herself, because she is part of the people, part of the masses. How can Humanity be happy when you and I are sad? As the self-described Marxist-Stirnerists of the Bay Area group For Ourselves observed, ‘Any revolutionary who is to be counted on can only be in it for himself; unselfish people can always switch loyalty from one projection to another. Furthermore, only the most greedy people can be relied on to follow through on their revolutionary project.'”

Egoist-Communism: What It Is and What It Isn’t
“If we can’t, shouldn’t we work together? If we still can’t, shouldn’t we find others? And when we find them won’t they desire to own just as much of that property as we do? Why can’t we have individual indulgence with a joyous community life; why not lawlessness with the cause of social justice? I seek the whole me, not a sliver, and to find him I need friends and accomplices to work with. What somebody works ought to be owned by them, plain and simple, and I believe we’d be surprised how much coming together might free up our time for other pleasures.

Insurrection is happening right now, all over the globe, and it’s only going to spread. The governments of the world are losing power and they know it. Pay attention to what Homeland Security has nightmares about. Hint: it isn’t the CPUSA.

Marxists are no closer to communism than they were when Marx was alive, and will forever remain an atheistic church of True Believers incapable of original thought. They scream for discipline, a codeword for obedience, because they fear what the working class is capable of. For the rest of us there are other potentials, ones I implore you to explore. Read these links, have some conversations, and get free because YOU desire it. Or said another way:

“Insurrection begins with the desire of individuals to break out of constrained and controlled circumstances, the desire to reappropriate the capacity to create one’s own life as one sees fit. This requires that they overcome the separation between them and their conditions of existence. Where the few, the privileged, control the conditions of existence, it is not possible for most individuals to truly determine their existence on their terms. Individuality can only flourish where equality of access to the conditions of existence is the social reality. This equality of access is communism; what individuals do with that access is up to them and those around them.”

I have work at 7 in the fucking morning and my wife is already pissed I spent this much time on this essay. 3,000 words of my life I will never get back, all for a person that never read anything I wrote or bothered to look beyond one podcast.

Goddamn you ignorant horsefuckers.

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Macron, Much Like Centrism, Is a Vile Piece of Predatory Garbage

(Originally posted at Gods & Radicals)

If Donald Trump had stood before 19 countries, his white skin practically gleaming under lights and television cameras, and said that Africa’s problems weren’t due to anything else but having too many kids and a “civilization problem” every liberal from Portland to Massachusetts would collectively shit themselves with rage. They would decry the inhumanity in Rightist thinking, its racism, and above all it’s desire to maintain a brutally hierarchical status-quo.

Question: why isn’t there the same level of anger when those words came from the French poster-boy of centrism, Emmanuel Macron?

“At a press conference at the G20 summit in Hamburg, on July 8 he was asked about a ‘Marshall Plan for Africa.’ The president gave a disquisition on Africa’s ‘real’ problems – among them, in his view, demographics. The continent’s true challenge was “civilizational,”…Where there are ‘7 or 8 children per woman,’ he said, spending billions is pointless.”

Rather than censure the French technocrat, the same one seeking to gut nearly every labor law currently creating one of the highest standards of living in the world, liberals and centrists are rushing to his aid, stammering that what Macron said was “taken out of context.”

Fresh from a gin-soaked weekend and with a scavenger’s sense for the rotten, I analyzed and read over the speech we radicals “misunderstood.” The unedited footage still sounds pretty goddamned racist to me, what with the whole blaming African women for daring to reproduce, but liberals are eager to point out Macron also cited “failed states” and “shaky democracies” as the reasons for Africa’s woes.

Please excuse the rough french of a Florida conjurer but are you miserable shitbats off your motherfucking rocker?

Where do you think “failed states” and “shaky democracies” come from? That somehow, some way African people are just incapable or running their own lives?

Why it couldn’t be the massive amount of money France has taken from Africa under a neo-imperialist and capitalist guise? Certainly it can’t be due to the fact that during the last 50 years, a total of 67 coups have happened in 26 countries in Africa? I guess we’ll ignore that fact that 16 of those countries are French ex-colonies, which means 61% of the coups happened in Francophone Africa.

We could even note the French Foreign Legion has had a hand in many of these, but if there was any doubt about the bourgeoisie of Paris directly benefiting from Africa’s exploitation one need only acknowledge the fact that 14 African countries are obligated by France, through a colonial pact, to put 85% of their foreign reserve into the French central bank under the control of the French minister of Finance

In a move so nakedly imperialist it might as well be wearing a goddamn monocle, the Central Bank of The French Treasury is prohibited from disclosing to the African nations where those funds are invested or whether there is a profit on these investments. France only allows them to access 15% of the money in any given year. If they need more than that, they have to borrow the extra money from the French Treasury at commercial rates. If the countries need to borrow more than 20% of their own money, France has a veto.

In effect the French took the wretched trade of a pimp and blew it up to the estimated tune of 500 billion in currency Africans generate but will never get to use.

Let us not forget that Hillary’s war to destroy Libya had some very French characteristics….

Read the rest here.

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Interview with Revolutionary Left Radio on Egoist-Communism

Before the interview I had been shaking violently; I had just got off a 6:30am to 5:00pm shift, I was loaded up with caffeine, and the amount of beer swirling its way through my blood was probably enough to strike two alligators dead.

I was nervous, nervous in the sense I didn’t want to fuck anything up and fully aware that this might be the first time thousands of people hear of Max Stirner. Perceptions, ideas, first impressions all waited on this moment. Summoning whatever calm I could I dropped into meditation, doused myself in High John and Lady Luck oil, and had a conversation with Brett of Revolutionary Left Radio.

If I was worried before I quickly realized I was in good hands. Brett, an intelligent and quick comrade with midwest charm, had not only took the time to research my articles but listen to almost every previous podcast I’d done.

His fantastic preparation and questions coupled with raw, sorcerous enthusiasm ended in a feast for the ears already downloaded over 16,000 times.

If you ever wanted to know what Egoism means, who Max Stirner was, or end up peeing yourself laughing while learning some theory this is the interview for you.

Give it a listen here.

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Donald Trump Revealed He Was A Fascist Back in the 1990’s

You’ll have to excuse me if I seem a bit nervous. It isn’t often that you get to peek into the mind of the President of the United States, much less if you’re a gonzo reporter stuck between meth-fueled trailer parks and corporate-owned towns. I’m about as far away from D.C. as one can get, and if I even took two sniffs of the air around Mar-a-Largo I’d surely be thrown in a van and carted off to the nearest CIA torture site.

But just because Donald Trump won’t explain the inner darkness of his mind to me doesn’t mean he hasn’t to others, and in fact he did just that with Playboy Magazine in a 1990 interview brought to my attention by a brave livestreamer named Heather.

This was back when things were different you see, and Trump was just some asshole with alot of money. We hadn’t yet torn Yugoslavia to pieces for our own private gain; the little people who made up the class furtively swarming from shopping mall to gas station were gleefully unaware to the world and the damage they’d caused. Trump spoke in the interview then as man with ideas but with no interest in being elected, free to state exactly how we felt on a host of issues both mundane and political. The interview then is a time capsule, a glimpse into a mind now in control of the world’s largest military.

It is an unnerving glimpse to say the least.

Consider his thoughts on how the State and the police should deal with criminals:

“…I hate seeing this country go to hell. We’re laughed at by the rest of the world. In order to bring law and order back into our cities, we need the death penalty and authority given back to the police…

…Nobody can make the argument that the death penalty isn’t a deterrent. Either it will be brought back swiftly or our society will rot away. It is rotting away.”

His opinion about protesters, dissidents, and how they should be handled:

“…What you will see there soon is a revolution; the signs are all there with the demonstrations and picketing. Russia is out of control and the leadership knows it. That’s my problem with Gorbachev. Not a firm enough hand.

You mean firm hand as in China?

“When the students poured into Tiananmen Square, the Chinese government almost blew it. Then they were vicious, they were horrible, but they put it down with strength. That shows you the power of strength. Our country is right now perceived as weak … as being spit on by the rest of the world-“

Why is Gorbachev not firm enough?
“I predict he will be overthrown, because he has shown extraordinary weakness. Suddenly, for the first time ever, there are coal-miner strikes and brush fires everywhere–which will all ultimately lead to a violent revolution…his giving an inch is going to end up costing him and all his friends what they most cherish–their jobs.

Or his weird willingness to wage nuclear war;

Nuclear war?
“I’ve always thought about the issue of nuclear war; it’s a very important element in my thought process. It’s the ultimate, the ultimate catastrophe, the biggest problem this world has, and nobody’s focusing on the nuts and bolts of it. It’s a little like sickness. People don’t believe they’re going to get sick until they do. Nobody wants to talk about it. I believe the greatest of all stupidities is people’s believing it will never happen, because everybody knows how destructive it will be, so nobody uses weapons. What bullshit.

The bomb Harry Truman dropped on Hiroshima was a toy next to today’s. We have thousands of weapons pointed at us and nobody even knows if they’re going to go in the right direction. They’ve never really been tested. These jerks in charge don’t know how to paint a wall, and we’re relying on them to shoot nuclear missiles to Moscow. What happens if they don’t go there? What happens if our computer systems aren’t working? Nobody knows if this equipment works, and I’ve seen numerous reports lately stating that the probability is they don’t work. It’s a total mess.

And how would President Trump handle it?
He would believe very strongly in extreme military strength…

Sitting at my desk, clutching the rum bottle and nervously shaking as I pour another drink, I’m at a loss for words as to what cruel twists of fate might lay ahead for a continent ruled by an admirer of the Tienanmen Square massacre. The interview makes it clear Trump’s now notorious policies been on his mind for quite sometime; before it may have been idle chatter but now we know it to be the inner character of a man at the reins of an Empire. Both Germany and Japan have used the interview as material for understanding the President, a testament to its importance.

What lay ahead of us? Would it matter? The people had spoken, and if tomorrow the troops began knocking on doors who would stop them? What had the people chosen, were they even aware?

Even now as I stare out the window the night sky is filled with smoke. Concealed vision, veiled possibility on a national holiday. An ambulance zooms by, a dying man with both his legs still at the crash site that would surely put an end to him.

Does he know he’ll soon die?

Do the American people know what they’ve chosen?

We haven’t yet seen the full force of Trump’s vision, the same plan he held in 1990, though with inauguration protesters staring down 80 years and the national press unable to film press conferences it is my opinion that we soon will.

Like sirens in the night, I can only retreat into the darkness. Waiting for the inevitable.

Dr. Bones

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Anarchists Failed Philando Castile and They Have Failed Black Americans

(Originally Posted at Gods & Radicals)

When I put two rituals in my book to hex the police some people said I had gone too far. I had to talk with a team of editors about possible re-writes, had to discuss plans about what we’d do when the FBI eventually got a hold of it. I worried then. Now, with the dash cam footage released in the recent murder of Philando Castile I wish I would have wrote 40 more. An armed gang who exists only to protect the wealthy and kill people of color is running rampant and Anarchists are woefully unable to do anything about it. This needs to change immediately.

I’m not talking about more protests. I’m not talking about writing your congressman or maybe heading down to the next city council meeting to have a strong word with your mayor. I’m not talking about getting ready for another Black Bloc downtown.

None of that has stopped the killings of Philando Castile, Sandra Bland, Eric Garner, Mike Brown, Tamir Rice, Freddie Gray, and Amadou Diallo. Evangelical Christians can literally create healthcare systems outside of State control and the best Anarchists can come up with is cardboard signs and hash tags.

If your politics can only function in “radical spaces” they are worthless. If they can’t keep people alive they are garbage.

The other night I came home to find my wife quivering in fear and shaking with rage after watching the dashcam footage of an innocent man killed in front of his family. It was Philando’s video. It is a video so shocking, so unbelievably clear in guilt, that even conservative magazines had to admit it was all but damning.

“Yanez asked for Castile’s license. Castile told him that he had a gun, and the officer – rather than asking for his carry permit, or asking where the gun was, or asking to see Castile’s hands – just says, ‘Don’t reach for it then.’ At that point, Castile is operating under two commands. Get his license, and don’t reach for his gun. As Castile reaches for his license (following the officer’s orders), and he assures him that he’s not reaching for the gun (also following the officer’s orders).

He died anyway.”

In America you can execute a black man in front of his child for a broken taillight and reasonably expect a jury to let you off the hook. What are “radicals” concerned about?

Motherfuckin’ burritos.

My wife is mixed. In between people talking about how much they love her hair there is a morose and unspeakable acknowledgement that she might be considered dark enough to die. I worry for her when I’m not around. If she runs into a cop will her curls mark her for death? Her nose? Will he do a mental checklist, perhaps match her skin tone to a chart that ranges from “mental illness” to “dangerous?” She spoke last night of friends she knew, family members, all as if they had just been diagnosed with cancer.

You hope they make it but you know somewhere that it’s only a matter of time until somebody bites the bullet.

The laptop she owned sat on the other side of the room, practically thrown after arguing with person after person who told her how “cops have a hard job” and as such are right to “fear for their lives.”

What do they have to fear? Certainly nothing from Anarchists. Hell, they’ve got everything right where they want it.

She has to hide her radical idea that black people shouldn’t be executed on a whim from co-workers and customers, lest she offend them; her sheer existence is an inflammatory opinion. We had to drive by discolored American flags yesterday with disgusting blue lines running right through the middle, a silent but all too clear acknowledgement that for some people the police could do no wrong. That some people deserved to die. She has to see that everyday. She has to stare into the faces of people who will not give a single fuck if seven hollow-point rounds rip through her chest and steal that wonderful soul away from this Earth.

Those same flags would fly, those same people would ask what drugs were in her system, those same people would cheer and buy cakes for cops if anyone dared so much as said a bad word about them. Entire fraternal orders have been designed for the protection of cops and for providing legal aid when they end up killing someone.

And what might my “comrades” do? What can Anarchists provide if such a dark fate befell her?

Nothing beyond a few internet arguments.

The police, the government, they know this. That’s why they don’t care.

You think these pigs are afraid of going to court, a court system run by people they know and whose birthday parties they’ve regularly attended? You think a prosecutor is going to risk her career and every potential ally she needs in a police station to fight for some no-name “thug” who was probably guilty anyway?

They know people are going to get mad, march up and down, maybe spit in a few coffees. A trashcan or two might get knocked over. Anarchists have been doing that shit for years. Life goes on, and the cops know they can walk anywhere they want, do whatever they want, and if push comes to shove every piece of shit in a uniform is going to line up to defend them. If they get fucked with people are going to get hurt. Period.

That’s how gangs work. That’s how Anarchism used to work, back when “an injury to one” really did get treated as an injury to all. 100 years ago illegalists in Spain were leaving a trail of assassinated bosses, landowners, priests, and other tyrants in their wake.


Today? “Class War” is merely a slogan, a cool patch for your print shop to show how radical you are while extolling the benefits of veganism; white supremacy is the suburban mom in our checkout line that pisses us off and conveniently never the men in uniform with fingers on a trigger. Anarchists can feed the homeless, Anarchists can make gigantic puppets for the next protest, and by-golly-gee-willerkers Anarchists can promise to bring you the safest, most non-threatening and inclusive panel of authors who only you and a few friends have heard of aaaaaaall day.

But stop the police from lynching black people? Like, armed patrols or sabotage?

Who the fuck you think you’re dealing with pal?

These new Anarchists love to talk about privilege, don’t they? You want to know what privilege is? Privilege is having the audacity to call yourself a radical and “freedom-fighter” while a four-year old girl struggles to understand how a night out for ice cream took her father away forever. Privilege is getting to revel in just how goddamned liberated you and your general assembly are while Philando’s daughter tries to pick up the pieces of her life.

Anarchists talk about intersectionality, the criss-crossing of multiple oppressions. Charleena Lyles, a pregnant black woman with mental illness, was just recently killed by Seattle cops in front of her kids. Where are all those nice people in the pussy hats for her? Anybody going to take up the banner of intersectionality and actually do something to ensure this doesn’t happen again? Make Seattle PD lose some sleep? Hell, even help take care of her kids?

I won’t even bother asking for “justice.” The laughs might get stuck in my throat and choke me to death.

No, most Anarchists are too busy “calling out” the admin of some facebook group to worry about mutual aid. To suggest anything else might call the whole damn thing into question. Wouldn’t want to have that long hard look in the mirror would we, Comrade? That nagging feeling that you’ve wasted decades of your life playing pretend? No, can’t do that. Can’t walk down that dark and dusty road again.

Here’s a meme. Share it. Feel better? Good. Buy a t-shirt. Wear it on Sundays. Casually ignore the sound of your neighbor beating his wife. Shop at Whole Foods.

I’ve been watching, couldn’t help myself. Watching, waiting…holding my breath. Didn’t want to cast judgement lest I be judged. I’ve scoured the journals and looked into faces, pulled cards on multiple leading figures and even interrogated a few deities as to the state of our eventual liberation.

It ain’t lookin’ good, bud. On a scale of one being the total liberation of all people and ten being a self-inflicted gunshot wound that ends up throwing the planet into an abyss of nuclear fire, the state of American radicalism is about…

Read the rest here.

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There Is No Civilization, There is No Wild. There Is Only You and Me.

(Originally posted at Gods & Radicals)

Editor’s Note: As fans of Dr. Bones on twitter and facebook might know our resident Conjurer was recently blown out of his mind on what Gods & Radicals can only assume to be highly illegal substances. This draft was sent to us with almost an hour and a half of audio, several hand drawn images, and a series of photographs in what we assume to be Dr. Bones…well, we aren’t exactly sure what’s going on but have serious doubts the alligator skulls were ethically sourced. Gods & Radicals in no way endorses buying high-powered hallucinogens off the Dark Web and patently refuses Bones’ calls to “send him $400 to help get some things going down here. If the rednecks get a taste of this stuff they’ll be shitting rainbows and communism for generations.”

The following text is presented as we received it in the hopes that readers will be able to make sense of it. Those inclined to help Dr. Bones further his drug habit and firearms purchases should consider buying his book.


As of this writing I have been out of my mind on acid bought off the Dark Web for the better part of 24 hours. My house is covered in drawings, still-burning incense, and every mirror appears to be dotted with the words “YOU ARE TAICHI” written in what I presume to be blood. Texts from Stirner are scattered about everywhere and people on twitter are asking me how they can join The Ancient and Medicinal Order of the Hyena.

Chuang-Tzu said “The torch of chaos and doubt, this is what the Sage steers by.” If this is true I have totally transcended the motherfucking wheel.

I need beer to take the edge off, desperately trying to explain to my wife what was going on.

“What the hell was that,” she says mixing 3 shots of espresso into my morning coffee, “you were up till 4am talking about creating some…some lodge or something? You practically destroyed the house! And why did you keep waking me up to tell me you were a Japanese artist?”

“I don’t know! Sweet jesus I don’t even know what the hell I took. I got it off some old Korean guy I work with. One minute he’s showing my some tai-chi moves, the iron bar and all that, and the next think you know he’s asking me if I want any acid!”

“How much did this cost?” She laughs shaking her head. “How do you even meet these people?”

“The cost?” I move on to my second beer. “Nothing. He just gave it to me.”


“Gave. Said he bought a shitload of it off the Dark Web with bitcoin. Gives it to wizard types he comes across. The sigils I was seeing…I…my god.” I grabbed my wife now, my eyes practically bloodshot. “I can’t begin to describe what this means for my magical practice. I have new glyphs for candles, new prayers to sing. Wait until my next-oh…and uh…speaking of…” She pushes me away, half laughing and half bewildered.

“You have to mail out one package and send that lady in Michigan an order for her candle.”

“Ah, good-good. The lady who had the evil eye on her wedding. Any readings?”

“One. And you were supposed to deliver it 4 hours ago.” The coffee is gone and I move on to my third beer, finally beginning to get back to some sense of normalcy.

“Well,” I cough, “seeing as how I’ve blown the day I think I need to mediate on my sins. We should probably go to a church.”

Load the car up, bottled water and rum. 55 miles an hour past blue flags and neo-confederates packing heat, drivers staring like sharks out of the windows; hungry, ignorant fools who actually hold their inbreeding in pride.

They needed to be punished.

I roll down my window and draw the attention of a nearby motorist.

“S’cuze me, sir. Is that a ‘blue lives matter’ sticker on your bumper?” He looks confused, like a wounded animal, his old Chevy chugging along some half-rabid pitbull.

“Yah,” he says spitting out tobacco, “and wuz of it?”

“Oh good.” I can feel my wife’s hand desperately trying to grab my shoulder, pull me back in the window, but there won’t be any of that. “I was trying to figure out who to tell to FUCK OFF!” Rubber screeches as the light shifts into green, a cloud of smoke pouring from the tires and filling the windshield. Turn the radio station up, that’s the ticket, if Marc Antony comes on it’s a sign from the gods I should draw on this miserable cockersucker and fill him with lead.

Did I say that out loud? Or did I write it? Judging from the terror in my eyes and the speed I’m driving I’m going to say this is really happening.

Turkey Creek Nature Sanctuary. Get out of the jeep, two more pulls from the driving juice hidden in the dash box. Go out to the kayak launch. Rain, who put all this rain here?

Breathe. Breathe. Calm and steady. I mutter words of power liberated from a Thelemic chat room many moons ago.

“I have a body but I am not my body.
I have a mind but I am not my mind.
I have desires but I am not my desires.
I have thoughts but I am not my thoughts.”

Everything cools around me, silencing the storm raging in all my nerves. Slipping once again into a meditative state I focus on the power that envelopes and flows through all things. Slowly everything begins to melt away: cars, worries, states, and borders all disappear. Some greater shard from the Godhead lights up in my chest and I’m swirling in wisdom and pure gnosis. In this small place, as the heavens bore life-giving water to a drought stricken land, everything was at once made holy; the river itself, slow and constant, becomes a symbol of that power forever lurking in the background, a greater icon worthy of worship unfashionable by human hands. Long ago a shrine might have been built in such a place, a person in touch with Spirit pulled to take residence and protect it. A place like that might heal the sick, start a cult, and in a few hundred years be the subject of many an anthropological study with romantic overtones.

And here it was, at a nature preserve, surrounded by cookie cutter homes and low-end nail salons….

Read more here.

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Egoist-Communism: What It Is and What It Isn’t

“Throw away holiness and wisdom, and people will be a hundred times happier. Throw away morality and justice, and people will do the right thing. Throw away industry and profit, and there won’t be any thieves.” – Tao te Ching, Chapter 19

Across my career I have been something of a strange beast, few and far between quite knowing what to make of me: the gonzo-aficionados love my prose but are confused by offerings left at the crossroads and endless references to Stirner; the Anarchists and Insurrectionists love my theories but are perplexed by my trafficking in spirits and identification as a journalist; the Occult crowd adores my sorcerous inclinations yet seems puzzled by my near-addict level of political consumption entwined with my nihilistic desire to destroy society.

What kind of wizard would I be if I could be explained easily, much less my political inclinations? Still, as sure as wildfire season will choke the skyline of many a Florida town this summer the need to explain oneself will arise.

Take the recent email I received:

“I’m an egoist as well, I’d also identify as a post-leftist. I’d say that part of leaving the left behind is leaving behind communism as well. I agree with Wolfi Landstreicher’s critiques of it mostly.

I see communism as an ideological spooky political program. You have works like “The ‘Right’ to be Greedy” and “The ‘Right’ to be Lazy” but I feel personally trying to combine anti-work sentiments with an idea that is at its core an economic way of production is a little strange. And when most people think communism, they aren’t thinking about it in the way the “The Right to be Greedy” folks were, most people would attribute lofty spooky ideals with communism like capital J “Justice and capital H “Humanity.” Sacrifice for the good of all!…

What are your thoughts?

I find it interesting to that you address yourself as an egoist-communist but not as an anarchist in particular. Just found it odd you went straight for the communist label but I can’t really find in your about me where you explicitly say you’re an anarchist.”

In-between labored attempts at meditation and Qigong to heal my damaged liver, I penned a response I figured was strong enough to become an article and with it perhaps a definition of a politics few have heard of.

Firstly I am an Egoist, and call myself one even before an Anarchist. For me Egoism surpasses Anarchism, takes it as a standing point and goes a step further: no hierarchy is above me, however it might dress itself up. This includes the State of course but also the very concept of Law; this includes Capitalism but also the very notions of right and wrong normally lobbed against it as criticisms. All things are indeed nothing to me, all relations exist at my behest. Society is nothing more than a big idea, a game of pretend that’s taken itself far too seriously and I do not intend to live my life on this planet beholden to it.

Sorcerers and witches usually live in this space, forever outside the rules and customs of the Waking World. Take a heroic dose of mushrooms, douse yourself in Black Arts Oil, then spend the night at your local cemetery and you’ll see why. This existence is one among many, and once you learn that most of human politicking ends up looking like a cruel joke.

I am imprisoned. So are you. I aim not to make our prison “a better place” but advocate its entire destruction. I in no way intend to make the whip on my back “the people’s whip” or put it in new hands. I do so without any religious belief that my own burning world is a sure thing on the horizon. I fight, I loathe, I spit venom at a world that seeks to destroy me because it is who I am. The way this system harms others only further incites my rage, the shame of vulgar slavery that surrounds them filling me with righteous fury. I am following me, my own inclinations; my own song that only I can sing.

So why the Communist bit?

As Novatore said “because we — violent cerebralists and passional sentimentalists at the same time — understand and know that revolution is a necessity of the silent sorrow that suffers at the bottom and a need of the free spirits who suffer in the heights.” I cannot be free as long as I am owned by Capital and I cannot truly enjoy myself while the screams of the enslaved ring in my ear. I want freedom for me and for you, that we might enjoy it together. When I’m speaking about Communism I’m talking about the original definition: a classless, stateless sense of being. This rules out any “transition” period.

If workers remain workers,  producing in separate enterprises, dependent on their relation to that workplace for their subsistence, and exchanging with other enterprises, then whether that exchange is self-organised by the workers or given central direction by a “workers’ state” means very little: the capitalist content remains, and sooner or later the distinct role or function of the capitalist will reassert itself.

Markets of any kind mean money, however the Left may try to dress it up. Because of its ease to measure, currencies will always becomes the sole measure of value(how much you did today, how much this thing is worth) so all things end up being measured by this stick: an apple is no longer a treasured gift from the garden, a being unto itself, but a commodity; the family dog isn’t your best friend, but simple “property” with a monetary value.

Thus we have a world not of individuals but of human resources.

Stirner even points out “Restless acquisition does not let us take breath, take a calm enjoyment. We do not get the comfort of our possessions… Hence it is at any rate helpful that we come to an agreement about human labours that they may not, as under competition, claim all our time and toil.”

So, what’s an Egoist to do?

Co-operation is a need of human existence but it doesn’t need to divide us into classes. We can procure what we require and what we desire without focusing on buying and selling. Such Unions of Individuals working together so that each may benefit more closely follow Stirner’s definition of a “sword with which you sharpen and increase your natural force” rather than anything the Soviets put out, and roam even closer to Nietzsche’s concepts of “unions:”

“My idea is that every specific body strives to become master over all space and to extend its force (–its will to power:) and to thrust back all that resists its extension. But it continually encounters similar efforts on the part of other bodies and ends by coming to an arrangement (“union”) with those of them that are sufficiently related to it: thus they then conspire together for power.”

I am looking to conspire with others for power so that I am free to pursue my desires, desires Stirner pointed out will always be neglected when Capitalism reins supreme:

“What is most useful is open to argument. And now, sure enough, it turns out… that in competition, not everyone finds his profit, his desired ‘private advantage,’ his value, his actual interest.”

When I speak of Communism I’m not talking about the surrendering of property to some spooky and religious “Us” that dictates our behavior. I’m talking about the goal of communization: existence without exchange, money, commodities, etc. I’m talking about the working class itself ceasing to exist as the working class. This is Communism by the people involved with it for their benefit, a system the Pirates of old utilized:

“Pirate ships operated on a ‘No Prey, No Pay’ basis, but when a vessel was captured the booty was divided up by a share system. This sort of share system was common in mediaeval shipping, but had been phased out as shipping became a capitalist enterprise and sailors wage labourers. It still existed in privateering and whaling but pirates developed it into its most egalitarian form – there were no shares for owners or investors or merchants, there was no elaborate hierarchy of wage differentiation – everyone got an equal share of the booty and the captain usually only 1 or 1 1/2 share.”

This has nothing to do with “humanity” or what’s right. I simply want what’s mine. This is communism where we can look out over the horizon and say “this is all yours, and mine too,” a communism where we can take care of one another because it pleases us to do so and because it ensures we too shall be taken care of.

“The harshness of life at sea made mutual aid into a simple survival tactic. Pirate articles also commonly included a form of mutual aid where injured shipmates unable to participate in the fighting would receive their share as a pension. Pirates took this sort of solidarity very seriously – at least one pirate crew compensated their wounded only to discover they had nothing left. From the articles of Bartholomew Roberts’ crew: “If… any Man should lose a Limb, or become a Cripple in their Service, he was to have 800 Dollars, out of the publick Stock, and for lesser Hurts, proportionably.” And from those of George Lowther’s crew: “He that shall have the Misfortune to lose a Limb, in Time of Engagement, shall have the Sum of one hundred and fifty Pounds Sterling, and remain with the Company as long as he shall think fit.”

Technology can be harnessed to provide our every need, an entire galaxy awaits our fingertips, so why should our existence be boiled down to buying and selling? Doesn’t that limit our Unique? Can you feed your family alone? Can I? Can we alone provide electricity to our homes and maintain the systems that keeps it going?

If we can’t, shouldn’t we work together? If we still can’t, shouldn’t we find others? And when we find them won’t they desire to own just as much of that property as we do? Why can’t we have individual indulgence with a joyous community life; why not lawlessness with the cause of social justice? I seek the whole me, not a sliver, and to find him I need friends and accomplices to work with. What somebody works ought to be owned by them, plain and simple, and I believe we’d be surprised how much coming together might free up our time for other pleasures.

“In communist society, where nobody has one exclusive sphere of activity but each can become accomplished in any branch he wishes, society regulates the general production and thus makes it possible for me to do one thing today and another tomorrow, to hunt in the morning, fish in the afternoon, rear cattle in the evening, criticise after dinner, just as I have a mind, without ever becoming hunter, fisherman, herdsman or critic.” – Marx

Egoist-Communism might be thought of as Mutualism without Markets, a honeycomb of non-hierarchical mafias looking to live life as joyously as they can and free from the divisions of race, nationality, class, or gender. It promotes differentiation, embraces chaos, and takes gangs of individuals as its organizational unit instead of a manufactured society. It is the abolition of all that limits the Unique and the search for other like-minded souls to increase each other’s power. How you do so will ultimately be up to you.

Don’t let the name fool you, this isn’t some radical new idea. This is what humanity has been doing at parties, after disasters, before funerals, and between sheets since the whole damn thing began. Instead of stealing those moments between “work” and whatever else this techno-hellscape forces onto us, we desire to make it our entire mission.

That is Egoist-Communism, its praxis and its goal: life in the pursuit of life, where individual satisfaction and the enjoyment of others rotates endlessly without form.

If you enjoyed any of this you’ll love my new book: “Curse your Boss, Hex the State, Take Back the World!” It’s a sorcerer’s manual for Egoist-Communism, Insurrection, and Magical Terrorism!


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It’s Time to Banish the Police and Burn the Prisons

Originally posted at Gods & Radicals


I could write about the newest murder committed by the police, could write about the newest life lost behind bars, but what would be the point? Like cancer and massive debt these things hold no shock value for us anymore. We’ve come to expect them in our everyday life, stare blankly as body after body goes into a cell or into the ground. We argue about “prison reform” and “better training” yet still the blood flows. Above all, all maintain that while it’s not pretty police and prisons are necessary for any society.

These people are, in the parlance of our times, spineless and servile little worms who are hideously, grotesquely wrong.

The bootlickers among us, those disgusting and shriveled souls who can idly watch execution after execution, might differ from my opinion. To them there is no problem, and if there was it could never, ever be the institutions themselves. It’s a given that rough men breaking skulls are needed to keep dangerous people away from the good; that large amounts of humans are required to be kept in cages where they will be raped, beaten, and humiliated on a daily basis to preserve society’s serenity.

Some of these people even dare call us “comrade.”

The radical breed of these poor deluded souls, clouded from years of competing with liberals, attempt to dress the same institutions in new language. They assure converts the people’s prisons will be filled not with criminals but “class enemies,” promise that the difference between a cop and a comrade is a matter of pages read by Murray Bookchin or a degree in intersectional theory. The most despicable of these repugnant creatures will even bubble the wretched idea that “cops are workers too.”

Nothing can be further from the truth and nothing can transform these institutions. Prison and Police reform are impossible because they are the epitome of exploitation, the crowning jewel of a modern-day slave empire. We do not need cops and we do not need prisons. We cling to these institutions not because they are necessary but because we can’t imagine a world without them, even if such a world has existed and continues to today.

But before we can see that world we must first cleanse our vision, douse our selves in hyssop and break free from the unclean spirits that litter our mind. We must first come to terms with what the police and prisons really are instead of what the police and prisons say they are.

The Police Are Your Enemy

Police were never created to protect anybody. Police instead have their roots in the rise of modern property relations 200 years ago and the “disorderly conduct” of the urban poor. This, coupled with their long history as slave catchers, highlight the fact the police only “serve” to steal value from the workers and “protect” the property of the powerful.

When the police admit they must arrest a certain amount of people, they are admitting they operate to intimidate and steal from workers. Witness the effects of a two-day work stoppage by the NYPD: citations for traffic violations fell by 94 percent, summons for low-level offenses like public drinking and urination plunged by 94 percent, parking violations dropped by 92 percent, and drug arrests fell by 84 percent.

This wasn’t some noble decision to get back to “protecting and serving,” but a calculated economic attack, and shows arrests mostly function as a way to generate revenue. Cops are nothing more than engines of profit, profit taken by force from the workers and deposited into the hands of the bourgeoisie. Court, criminal, and administrative fines contribute some $800 million to the New York City’s annual budget, according to its Office of Management and Budget’s projections, and that’s money mostly taken from the working poor.

To put that in perspective, the cigarette tax will bring in about $52 million a year, hotel taxes generate roughly $547 million, and commercial rent tax will supply $720 million. Don’t think this is some kind of New York oddity either, like mole people living in subways or a disproportionate pride in the fact you were born in a shithole.  According to The Washington Post, some communities in Missouri draw as much as 30 percent of their revenue from these sources, and across the board they always seem to fall disproportionately on poor, non-white people.

The people are being fleeced, like sheep, by shepherds who have no qualms about killing the livestock. But these pastoral pigs don’t merely beat up the poor and shake them down for money.

You can only make so much money off a worker, but you can make a hell of a lot more off a slave.

Prison: The Modern Day Plantation

When we think of police we often think of half-evolved werewolves that “patrol” our neighborhoods, noses sniffing for easy prey as they roll by in race cars, but there’s much more to policing then that. A cop implies law, laws imply courts, and courts imply cages where those deemed troublesome can be left to rot. A cop’s job is to enforce the law, whether it is wrong or right, and especially if it means keeping prison beds full.

Prison and jail aren’t about rehabilitation, and they aren’t about justice. They are about money through slavery, and the significant 1871 court ruling from Ruffin v. Commonwealth puts it all in black and white. This landmark Virginia case set the precedent for state control of inmate bodies and labor, one still used today, and cuts no corners in laying out what the State hopes to gain from an individual’s imprisonment:

“For the time, during his term of service in the penitentiary, he is in a state of penal servitude to the State. He has, as a consequence of his crime, not only forfeited his liberty, but all his personal rights except those which the law in its humanity accords to him. He is for the time being a slave of the State. He is civiliter mortus; and his estate, if he has any, is administered like that of a dead man.”

Slavery never ended. It just became legal. In privately run prisons inmates will receive as little as 17 cents per hour for a maximum of six hours a day, the equivalent of $20 per month. The highest-paying private prison is CCA in Tennessee, where prisoners receive 50 cents per hour for what they deem “highly skilled positions.” Federal prisons are a little better, offering $1.25 an hour. Both will make everything from blue jeans to body armor and hire their captive labor out to the highest bidder.

These are not hardened criminals being sentenced to indentured servitude. Ninety-seven percent of 125,000 federal inmates have been convicted of non-violent crimes and it is believed that more than half of the 623,000 inmates in municipal or county jails are innocent of the crimes they are accused of. Of these, the majority are awaiting trial. Two-thirds of the one million state prisoners have committed non-violent offenses. This is not by accident but by design.

Just look at who is being arrested.

African-Americans now constitute nearly 1 million of the total 2.3 million incarcerated population, and are incarcerated at nearly six times the rate of whites. Considering the black imprisonment rate for drug offenses is about 5.8 times higher than it is for whites the “drug war” might better be called what it is: a coordinated attack against the black community with the goal of re-enslaving them.

Nowhere is this more apparent than Louisiana.

The Future of America Lies in Louisiana


Angola Prison in Louisiana, where prisoners still pick cotton by hand for 85 cents an hour. Source: theredphoenixapl.org

Louisiana is run by police and for police, and is a great model of what policing run rampant looks like. Police have a month before they have to give any reason as to why they killed anybody and attacking a police officer is automatically filed as a hate crime. Louisiana has the highest incarceration rate in the world(even greater than the US) and does this almost exclusively on the basis of making a profit.

David, a New Orleans resident who I spoke to, filled me in on the details….

(Read the rest here)

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Pre-sale for Curse Your Boss, Hex The State, Take Back The World!

The pre-sale for my first book is going on, and it’s so dangerous facebook BANNED ME FOR A DAY to keep you from reading it!

In Curse Your Boss, Hex The State, Take Back The World, Conjurer and anarcho-communist swamp-dweller Dr. Bones unravels the Spectral Cage in which we–even magic-workers–find ourselves trapped. The State, Capitalism, Society, and Media all enmesh not just our actions but our very perception both of this world and the Other, and Dr. Bones shows you how to forge the keys to freedom.

But unlike the pulp pablum pushed out by mass-market magic publishers, this book won’t tell you how to get that car you saw in the commercial, or how to get a raise or find inner peace. Instead, Dr. Bones offers you rituals and theory to change the entire world, to free not just yourself but others, and issues a revolutionary call to take up magical arms against Capital and the State.

Curse Your Boss, Hex The State, Take Back The World is 120 pages, 6X9 inches, perfect bound, B&W with a matte cover. Pre-sale begins 18 May, 2017 and ends 30 June, 2017 for delivery between 1 July and 15 July, 2017. It will be available for regular sale on 1 July, 2017, and a digital edition will follow in mid-July.

A sample chapter is available here.

Go out and reserve your copy!

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What Has Become of American Healthcare?

(Originally posted at Gods & Radicals)

THE DUTY OF THE PRESS is to keep the people informed, even when the things they might learn lean towards the morbidly terrible and truly bizarre. The Republican healthcare plan is both.

You’d never know this from the way it was being reported by the larger outlets, the kind that depend upon a cozy relationship with politicians to get close to a story. The terms being discussed were enough to make one’s hair turn white, yet I never saw MSNBC or CNN get up on television and call it what it was: a rapacious, soulless attack on the proletariat, one that should be answered not with calls or letters to Senators but bullets, bombs, and fire. It was yet another black mark against the Capitalist press, and a lash of shame against every soul that bore a press pass.

Fresh from a three-day bender, it was revealed to me in a series of mystical visions by the Gods of Journalism that this humble Reporter of Fortune and soon-to-be-author had to correct this grave and mortal error. Filled with sacred duty and copious amounts of Sailor Jerry’s I have combed through the finer details of the bill and discovered they match the visions I received of what lies ahead. Brace yourself dear reader, and stare in terror at the future…

Thee First Vision

The bill encourages people to maintain coverage by prohibiting insurance companies from cutting them off or charging more for pre-existing conditions as long as their insurance doesn’t lapse. If coverage is interrupted for more than 63 days, however, insurers can charge people a 30 percent penalty over their premium for one year

You will sit around the kitchen table, tears dripping from your eyes, as you explain to those you love it’ll be instant ramen for dinner next month because if you miss a bill or payment on your premium you will all be cast into poverty and uninsured status. Many a night will be spent awake and praying to shadowy gods over sacrificed chickens that you remain employed, dark oaths made to bloodthirsty and intangible creatures that no lapse occur in your coverage lest you never be able to afford it again.

Thee Second Vision

…some people will see their costs go up while others would pay less, depending on your age and where you live…A 60-year-old, however, would see costs rise almost everywhere, with increases of almost $20,000 a year in Nebraska. Both Kaiser and the Congressional Budget Office found that, on average, older people with lower incomes would be worse off under the Republican plan than under the Affordable Care Act.

Older citizens on fixed incomes will either need to work just to afford medical care or quietly die. Check out lines in grocery stores will swell with physical confrontations as Vietnam veterans battle it out with struggling single-parents for low paying jobs just to eat. Suicide rates will climb as the bleak void of an ever-present death looms over the cash-strapped elderly. Cults and rumors of cults devoted to Goddesses of Death will sprout up in active 55+ communities, the name Santa Muerte both a comforting benediction and blood-soaked battle cry for the legions of old people turning to kidnapping and murder just to afford medication.

Thee Third Vision

…The bill eliminates nearly all the taxes that were included in the Affordable Care Act to pay for the subsidies that help people buy insurance. Those cuts, which add up to about $592 billion, include a tax on incomes over $200,000.

Gigantic flags, bathed in gold, will fly at the gates of The Golden Triangle, Potomac Manors, and all the other rich enclaves no doubt surrounded by armed guards. They shall read, in big bold letters visible for nearly 10 miles the following words: “Fuck the poor, we’re keeping our goddamn money.”

Thee Fourth Vision

The Affordable Care Act allows states to expand eligibility for Medicaid to single, nondisabled adults with incomes slightly above the poverty line…The Republican plan would gradually roll back that expansion starting in 2019 by cutting the federal reimbursement to states for anyone who leaves the Medicaid rolls. People often cycle in and out of the program as their income fluctuates, so the result would likely be an ever-dwindling number of people covered….

Combined with the “block grants” written into the bill Medicaid will slowly be…

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