A Beautiful Resistance #2, “The Fire is Here”

114 pages, perfect bound, 8.5×11, full color, matte cover

Edited by Lancashire poet and awenydd Lorna Smithers, and foreworded by UK mystic, anarchist, and animist Emma Restall Orr, the second Issue of the Gods&Radicals journal, A Beautiful Resistance features my first ever print piece: “The Sui Generis Sermon.” The sermon is a rousing call for the Sorcerers of the world to rise up against the false identities thrust upon them and embrace that which makes them Unique.

The old ideologies have no place in this century. We desire to be neither good citizens nor good workers, but something far grander: to live lives of our own value, of our own choosing; lives of art, of creativity, of spirit summoning and esoteric secrets! We have touched the very edges of reality, glimpsed into pools only spoken about in legends, spoken with things that have no bodies. And yet we are told that we amount to only our citizenry or our labor? That the banal existence that flickers on our televisions or Soviet newsreels is an ideal to strive for?”

A Beautiful Resistance #3, “Left Sacred”


96 pages, perfect bound, 8.5×11, full color, matte cover

Edited by Lia Hunter and Rhyd Wildermuth, with a foreword by Margaret Killjoy, this journal contains the essay Fear and Loathing at the Crossroads.

Dr. Bones, full of LSA and soaked in booze, travels out to the crossroads to investigate what the Devil himself thinks about the Anti-Capitalist cause. Esoteric secrets will be learned, lovecraftian-level realizations will be had, and Bonesy even narrowly dodges arrest! A gonzo investigation into the metaphysics underpinning rebellion against Global Capitalism, it’s an experience you won’t want to miss!

“What if I told you there will be no utopia? What if I told you there will be no final victory, no joyous age of peace on Earth?….What if I told you we were Diogenes, not Lenin, that our words would inspire no grand revolt but would march heart by heart forever through time? What if I told you the world gave birth to revolutionaries just as naturally as flowers, frogs, and trees?”

Curse Your Boss, Hex the State, Take Back the World

“Do you want to be exploited forever, to die a beautiful soul trapped in a body-turned-machine, or will you rise in armed joy?”

In his first groundbreaking book Dr. Bones unravels the Spectral Cage in which we–even magic-workers–find ourselves trapped. The State, Capitalism, Society, and Media all enmesh not just our actions but our very perception both of this world and the Other, and Dr. Bones shows you how to forge the keys to freedom.

But unlike the pulp pablum pushed out by mass-market magic publishers, this book won’t tell you how to get that car you saw in the commercial, or how to get a raise or find inner peace. Instead, Dr. Bones offers you rituals and theory to change the entire world, to free not just yourself but others, and issues a revolutionary call to take up magical arms against Capital and the State.