“What we are dealing with now is nothing less than another Empire on the brink of collapse–more than likely of its own bad weight & twisted priorities. This process is already well underway. Everything Nixon stands for is doomed, now or later”–Hunter S. Thompson


A new trend is upon us, muted silence or nervous coughs permeating the liberal noosphere instead of righteous calls towards the restoration of honor. Trump, a sacrificial beast brought to the altar to cleanse us of our collective sins, will lose this election, but at what cost? Something wicked this way comes and a gut-wrenching dread seizes me whenever my mind attempts to fully grasp it: The once well-meaning liberals are becoming the New Neo-Cons, closing ranks around a candidate for presidency that grotesquely distorts the values they once held so dear. 

Nobody was surprised to find out just how dirty Hillary Clinton is. Leak after leak has come in, detailing some of the most detestable political abuses since Nixon, and almost everything that we had feared about the Bush presidency has come true in the party of marriage equality. We knew the mainstream media wouldn’t do more than rattle a few rusty sabres, mouthpieces for government policy now nakedly clear. Old news, something I’ve even written about, and it need not be repeated. Well, okay, maybe just a little bit of repeating:

Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi pointed out their bias in March 2016, after an article published in the Times was severely edited to remove any semblance of positive imagery in the portrayal of Bernie Sanders’ role in Congress…

First, The New York Times changed the article’s headline, from: “Bernie Sanders Scored Victories for Years Via Legislative Side Doors,” to: Via Legislative Side Doors, Bernie Sanders Won Modest Victories.” The article also added two paragraphs criticizing Sanders, portraying him as unrealistic, a commonly-used Clinton campaign argument—especially as Sanders continues to be much more progressive than Clinton on a number of important issues…

In the latest WikiLeaks release of Clinton campaign chair John Podesta’s emails, several Times journalists are implicated in abandoning any semblance of objectivity to fulfill the agenda of the Clinton campaign. In July 2015, correspondent Mark Leibovich emailed the Clinton campaign a transcript of an interview he conducted with Clinton for them to proofread and edit as they saw fit.”

With the media and the entire Democratic machine firmly in the claws of the Lizard Queen the hope for any kind of sanity has fallen to the Democratic constituents themselves. These weren’t backwards rednecks after all, but principled folks dedicated to righting the wrongs of the world. The Millennials, my generation, saw it as a sacred duty to change the world, make it better, and according to some esoteric theories they could very well do it. Gay marriage, a black president, why not tack a complete re-haul of the two-party system to the victory board to boot? Surely, the party of Reason and Logic, home to the largest and most idealistic generation the nation had ever seen would reign in such travesties and usher in a new era of American greatness?

Alas, one would assume, but instead of a sunrise strange birds whose cries I can’t quite place fill the October skies. Base line liberals are molting, faces and teeth molding to previously unseen shapes and contours. The same beaks that called for an end to corporate spending now excuse the most flagrant big-money donations fueling the entire Clinton war-chest. I have watched, in abject horror, as lips that once shouted for world peace at Zuccoti park now casually mention nuclear war with Russia as if it’s a homecoming football game. Scales and even tails have begun to appear on the college crowd.

I asked one wealthy Democrat about Hillary’s Libyan escapades in the spirit of journalistic inquiry and of outright vile sarcasm. I expected perhaps a defense, maybe even an admission of guilt. Instead I got the liberal equivalent of “If you don’t like it you can get out:”

“Sounds like someone is being unnecessarily divisive on the left but ok.”

Jesus Christ, I can remember thinking, this is a joke, the sickest of farces. You actually have people calling themselves “Leftists” while backing a career capitalist that oversaw the deaths of millions while taking every fucking dollar she could from Wall-Street. The mental gymnastics required for such a feat could have earned her an Olympic medal yet she never batted an eye. She really believed she was a revolutionary, a “freedom fighter” in the vein of Che, that approved of backing fascists in Ukraine and sending drones to vaporize women and children.

An entire generation appears to have pulled a philosophical swan dive.

10, even 15 years ago your average Democrat was a well-meaning peacenik who may have had no idea what the hell they were talking about but at least had a heart. They really believed that their vote could make a change though they couldn’t fathom the labor theory of value. Fine folks, if simple. Young Millennials were idealists who would not compromise, eschewing traditional norms in the hopes a new world could be born from retail choices and gofundme campaigns.

It was a match made in heaven, too good to be true, the death throes of all that was good and noble about the American spirit.

The soft cuddly Democrats of yesteryear have begun to change, the cold coils of power inching ever closer to the brain stem and impaling a once foolish heart with frigid imperial ambition. Millenials can now look on asBernie Sanders was callously manipulated and all pretenses of democracy dropped without a twinge of remorse. They can read email after email, have the truth literally spelled out in front of them, and simply shrug. It means nothing to them. The same dirty tricks they called the Republicans out on during the Bush years are becoming second nature. Things are “too important” they tell us, that we must “move forward.” Come election day they will come out in droves because they feel like they must. They are willing to excuse any lie, any misdeed, so long as it serves a higher purpose.

And what higher purpose is that? Even the Democrats themselves don’t know, and repeated emails for a statement on said beliefs have gone unanswered. So attuned to serving the wishes of the Hive Queen when engaged in human conversation, they’re too often left struggling to pin down exactly what they even generally believe in. When I talk to them a weird fog descends over their eyes as preloaed phrases slowly download onto their tongues and eject without much thought at all. Unnerving, uncanny, I’m reminded of all the pro-life Republicans that vote for war after war. The ends justify the means, or so it goes. Seriously, what do these spineless hacks really want anymore?

Peace? Certainly not.

“Can’t we just drone this guy?” Clinton openly inquired, offering a simple remedy to silence Assange and smother Wikileaks via a planned military drone strike, according to State Department sources. The statement drew laughter from the room which quickly died off when the Secretary kept talking in a terse manner, sources said. Clinton said Assange, after all, was a relatively soft target, “walking around” freely and thumbing his nose without any fear of reprisals from the United States. Clinton was upset about Assange’s previous 2010 records releases, divulging secret U.S. documents about the war in Afghanistan in July and the war in Iraq just a month earlier in October, sources said…Clinton was fuming, sources said, as each State Department cable dispatched during the Obama administration was signed by her.”

Human rights? Not if things continue as they have under Obama’s leadership.

“Charged in connection with the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Guantanamo detainee Mustafa al-Hawsawi will reportedly miss a pretrial hearing Friday in order to “rest up” for rectal surgery to repair damage caused by CIA “enhanced interrogation techniques.”….Al-Hawsawi’s anal fissure, chronic hemorrhoids and symptomatic rectal prolapse were mentioned in a 525-page portion of the Senate Intelligence Committee report on CIA torture, publicly released in December 2014. The report cited sessions involving “rectal rehydration,” “rectal feeding” and anal cavity exams conducted with “excessive force.”

How about the environment? Ah, well not that either it appears.

“During the fight for the Democratic presidential nomination, Hillary Clinton cast herself as a skeptic of hydraulic fracturing — the controversial process to extract natural gas. But newly released documents purporting to show excerpts of her paid speeches show that Clinton proudly touted her support for fracking, which environmental groups say can pollute groundwater and undermine the fightagainst climate change. The excerpts also show Clinton saying that some environmental organizations trying to restrict her work to promote fracking were front groups for Russian oligarchs.”

A weird strain of outright lies and McCarthyism is seizing the donkey-worshipping tribe. Fear and hatred are slowly replacing hopes and dreams. Where the Republicans had Muslims, Democrats now have Russians, and for both everything against their hero is some weird underhanded attempt by dirty foreigners to….expose the truth? Amid the loud shouts of Russian involvement the actual emails themselves are never even doubted. Feeds and newstreams of once docile activists have become increasingly stained with kool-aid over the issue, often viciously so. Take for instance the facebook(1,460,493 likes) of former Bernie advocate Robert Reich:


Boy, I sure like how the totally unsubstantiated claimed of Russian involvement in Democrat emails are mixed nicely with sexual violence.Almost makes one wonder why it’s so pressing people forget the first line and instead focus on the others.

What exactly is going on? Is anybody else sensing it? A strange and previously unknown fever seems to be gripping the Democrats causing them to deny reality and at all costs and instead direct as much venom as possible against the candidate Hillary herself picked to run against.


What does it say about the mental weather of a party when the word goes out they must do nothing that could aid the enemy? What kind of ethical questions might arise when above all the Dear Leader must be successful, even if it costs us what little scruples we had left? Isn’t this the same behavior we were mocking the Republicans about only a few years ago?

“While Donald Trump’s candidacy poses grave dangers, so does group-think righteousness, particularly when it engulfs those with the greatest influence. The problem is that none of this is going to vanish after the election. This election-year machine that has been constructed based on elite unity in support of Clinton — casually dismissing inconvenient facts as fraudulent to make them disappear, branding critics and adversaries as tools or agents of an Enemy Power bent on destroying America — is a powerful one. As is seen here, it is capable of implanting any narrative, no matter how false; demonizing any critic, no matter how baseless; and riling up people to believe they’re under attack.

For a long time, liberals heralded themselves as part of the “reality-based community” and derided conservatives as faith-based victims of “epistemic closure.” The dynamics seen here are anything but byproducts of reason.”

We are entering uncharted waters and the mogwai’s have been fed well after midnight. The former underdogs are drunk with power and not giving up the bottle. Blood will be shed, lies will be told, and all is fair so long as the “principles” they hope to “fortify” instead of actually achieve are at least paid lip service. This is not some wild screed on the election. I am warning you of what is to come. The Democrats are living proof that “absolute power corrupts absolutely,” even the meekest of freedom fighters turning into pro-war shysters cheering media manipulation on one hand and silencing their own hearts with the other.

We are witnessing a new breed of bourgeoisie not seen since the 90’s: a loathsome strain of radioactive jellyfish whose tentacles strangle throats in the name of the “greater good.” I want to go into more detail, decry and gnaw in anguish but the time is yet too early. We are only just seeing the first vapors. Good Germans one and all, they have not only sold out but gone from “community organizers” to would-be cops. They decry Trump’s racism and cheer on Bill Maher’s. Reason has flown out the fucking window and liberals are so terrified of a live-action strawman they are willing to go to any lengths(outright lies) and excuse any behavior(widespread manipulation) to ensure continued hegemony of the Imperium’s throne. What this means for the next four years is enough to make even a wizard’s head spin.

The election is over and I fear it has come at the cost of an entire generation’s heart. They will be spared the rule of a misogynist racist at the cost of a vicious imperialist hell-bent on global domination.

Millennials have sold their soul to strain out a gnat but swallow a camel.

Gonzo journalism at no cost is my gift to you. Want to help keep me from starving to death or buy me a beer? Do me a favor and make a donation of any size and I’ll promise not to haunt you when I die.

About Dr. Bones

Dr. Bones is a conjurer, card-reader and egoist-communist who believes “true individuality can only flourish when the means of existence are shared by all.” A Florida native and Hoodoo practitioner, he summons pure vitriol, straight narrative, and sorcerous wisdom into a potent blend of poltergasmic politics and gonzo journalism. He lives with his loving wife, a herd of cats, and a house full of spirits. He can be reached at Facebook.com/theconjurehouse and TheConjureHouse@protonmail.com
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2 Responses to

  1. Jigme Odsel says:

    I’m very glad I was born in the border years between generations. Alienated from generational cohorts, I look upon all this with a curious detachment.

    I think the best thing to do is find a home out of the way and work on making my version of Rivendell. A haven for anarchists that have grown weary and damaged from the fight.


  2. Mark Ehrman says:

    As a shifty-eyed, mealy-mouthed whining Joneser (born late 1960) all I can do is bitch and whine, but I bitch and whine soooo very well!
    I’m stunned to see my longterm liberal Democrat friends elbow each other out of the way to guzzle down the KoolAid, and I’m aghast at their behavior. There is some kind of death-cult psychological mechanism at work here, some psychological apoptosis, a self-immolation failure cascade that I only dimly comprehend.
    I’ve always thought that the most fascinating era of Nazi Germany was the societal implosion of a nation beginning in February of 1945, with the frenzied screeching of Herr Doktor Goebbels in his weekly radio addresses to the nation (all available, translated and transcribed online – search Google), where he implores his listeners to believe. If they simply BELIEVE that Germany will win, then the sheer force of their belief will make it so. From diary accounts of this period of time, Germany went on a wild bacchanalia, drinking up all the alcohol they had hoarded during the war years, madly partying, and feasting upon the last of their carefully preserved rations before hanging themselves in the root cellar or sucking on their hunting rifles, leaving their bloated corpses sprawled around the decaying remains of their last feasts, some weeks later to be discovered by the horrified Soviet troops on their rush westward to Berlin.
    I’m afraid this madness has begun here in our country by the psychotic fervor of the Clintonistas, and god knows where this will lead us, if their bumblefuckery towards nuclear armageddon doesn’t lead us there first.
    Anyway, Doc…keep writing, what ever you do. I’m spreading the word that you are a voice to be heard, far and wide, so don’t let us down! Keep up the fight. Mark Ehrman, Cedar Rapids, Iowa


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