Work for the Mainstream Media? You Should Kill Yourself.

(From my weekly column at Greed: “No Quarter”)


(GREED) – Amid the gallons of rain, rolling blackouts, and hurricane-force winds that recently swept Florida coastline I laid eyes on a Time magazine article that was so idiotic, so clearly drenched in Pro-State Propaganda, I debated marching 50 miles inland with nothing but my laptop and pistol to fire off an article in total disgust. The headline itself, let alone the industry it represents, is so reprehensible that those responsible should publicly repent with self-mutilation or acts of Seppuku.

Take a good long look at this abortion of a cover, a slimy two-headed attempt to get the American populace to ignore the fact that recent hacks have revealed their entire political system is a fucking sham. The primaries were fixed, the winner has been decided, and contrary to all popular belief third-party candidates really are a threat to the established order.

Take this recent one pretty much proving Hillary aimed to have Trump as a preselected puppet and that this election was over before it began:

You never would have heard of it by sticking with the “pinnacles of journalism,” those inane and vapid publications that depend upon a cozy relationship with the government or advertisers looking for spots to hawk whatever cheaply made crap they keep trying to convince you to buy. No matter how truthful, no matter how in-your-face the evidence is, all “journalists” can do is mutter about possible Russian involvement and hope you ignore the obvious. Take this steaming pile of flaming garbage from the New York Times:

“Mr. Assange proffered a vision of America as superbully: a nation that has achieved imperial power by proclaiming allegiance to principles of human rights while deploying it’s military-intelligence apparatus in ‘pincer’ formation to ‘push’ countries into doing its bidding and punishing people who dare to speak the truth.

Knowing full well that this is indeed how American foreign policy operates they don’t even attempt to refute it,  instead trying to cast doubt by throwing pocket sand into the reader’s eyes.

“Whether by conviction, convenience, or coincidence, Wikileaks’ document releases, along with many of Mr. Assange’s statement have benefited Russia at the expense of the West.”

Is this the same West that terrorizes and keeps the Third World in a state of debt slavery? The same West that has overthrown democratically elected governments for 50+ years and directly funds ISIS? At that rate the only countries those leaks DON’T benefit are Israel and Saudi Arabia, our pet fascists that routinely brutalize their populations and depend on the US to keep them afloat.

Is nobody else shocked at just how horrible the mainstream news coverage of these leaks are, how totally lacking in any hint of journalistic integrity these pieces have been? Where was the same outrageover the massive amount of voter fraud in the Democratic primary? How about the absolute scandal of the “pay-to-play” system laid bare for the eyes to see? The fetid and rotting guts of a creature straight from the pages of Revelations have been thrown upon the altar naked and quivering for all the world to see yet rather than laud these accomplishments and leaks, rather than brutally deal the horrible beast we call “The System” a coup de grâce, American “journalists” have simply shrugged their shoulders and kept walking.

Oh, but they have time to put their little goblin paws on keyboards when it comes time to shill for the same system they are supposed to be critical of:

“Voting third-party in this presidential election isn’t merely impractical. It’s unprincipled.”

The American media has lined up lock-step with one of the most depraved creatures to ever crawl out of DC, one literally immune to prosecution, but GODDAMMIT, WE CAN’T AFFORD TRUMP! They will sidestep the worst abuses imaginable to wave the flag for the first Female Warlord, the same “progressive” who makes statements like this:

We just can’t trust the American people to make those types of choices … Government has to make those choices for people.”

Yeah, FUCK THOSE THIRD PARTY CANDIDATES. Can’t you see this election is about PRINCIPLES likespreading mass chaos in Libya and furthering American Imperialism? Why, just look at Comrade Sanders, the great Sell Out of our generation who made his entire career as a third-party candidate only to end up backing the horrible, war-mongering human iguana that ensured he would lose from the beginning:

“This moment in history for a presidential election is not the time for a protest vote,” the Vermont senator said on CBS’s ‘Face the Nation’…It’s time to look at which candidate will work best for the middle class and working families.’”
That’s the real horror of it all: not only do we exist under a system so cunning it creates elaborate fictions we call elections to dazzle and confuse us, but that it’s grip is so powerful, so insidious, it can convince entire swaths of the media to hate the few voices that speak the truth against it. The people whose literal job description is to report the truth instead gleefully squat over the American people and dribble out rotting nonsense like “Russia Wants to Undermine Faith in the U.S. Election. Don’t Fall For It.”Translation: “Can’t you plebs understand? An actual voice for the people will never be allowed in politics! A vote for third-party is a wasted vote!” CORRECTION:ALL VOTES ARE WASTED.

Think about it: somebody got paid to write that. This isn’t some dude in Kansas high on meth and posting in a forum somewhere. This is the “journalistic elite,” a flesh-and-blood reporter in a cozy office with the means to launch actual investigations. Instead they put on some ear muffs, ignored everything we now know about this fermenting miscarriage of an election, and tried to convince the American people that because MAYBE the blasphemous truths brought to light by the Clinton email leaks had foreign finger prints on them we should quietly ignore them.

The American media is now no better than its predecessors at Pravda or the Nazi Ministry of Propaganda; reporters have become nothing but lying packs of jackals holding onto what perks they can and dutifully obeying the call to lick the peanut butter off of master’s nether-regions. They sit when they should hunt, roll over when they should bark, and play dead whenever tidbits of truth break the fence and coming roaring out of emails or foreign correspondence. This recent Time’s piece, however tragically comic and woefully shameful, is just the most recent sin in a line long enough to make the Marquis de Sade blush.


The Old Guard of Journalism is on life-support, once mighty hunting dogs hounding after truth and fact reduced to the basest regurgitation of the official State line. If articles like those in Time Magazine and its ilk are the best these “institutions” can produce they have lost all value and authority as truth-tellers. They are GUILTY of the worst kind of collaborationsim, and probably cheered on the scumbags over at Washington Post who called for the prosecution of their own source. We can only hope that these faux-journalists will eventually wake up, realize what irreparable harm they’ve brought upon the institution, apologize publicly, and seek to make amends with a .45 caliber round fired directly into their own forehead.

About Dr. Bones

Dr. Bones is a conjurer, card-reader and egoist-communist who believes “true individuality can only flourish when the means of existence are shared by all.” A Florida native and Hoodoo practitioner, he summons pure vitriol, straight narrative, and sorcerous wisdom into a potent blend of poltergasmic politics and gonzo journalism. He lives with his loving wife, a herd of cats, and a house full of spirits. He can be reached at and
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