Dr. Bones Interviewed by The Fifth Column

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Got interviewed by the excellent folks over at The Fifth Column on paganism, the occult, and Insurrectionary politics.

In order to bring about an insurrection what do you think we would need to focus on first in order to be prepared and as useful as possible toward the ends of liberation?

“To bring on the Insurrection? First, as corny as it sounds, there needs to be a fundamental change in human thinking.

Max Stirner has this great line when people are asking for government for freedom freedom of the press. ‘As a ‘petition for right,’ even as a serious demanding of the right of liberty of the press, it presupposes the State as the giver, and can hope only for a present, a permission, a chartering.’  The press isn’t free because it’s freedom is dependent on somebody else’s whims. Remember you and I are the result of thousands of years of domestication. We have been trained since childhood to ASK for things, to receive permission. Even traditional Leftists are guilty of this, endlessly waiting until they get enough people(which never comes, mind you) before they feel they can act. We beg cops to stop killing us, we plead with the State to stop locking us up like caged rats. Our homes and lives are stolen on a daily basis, the air we breathe and the water we drink is being poisoned, our food has enough chemicals in it to kill an infant, and amid all this, amid a literal hellscape of endless war and black site prisons we linger with outstretched hands, asking permission to raise a fist or worse begging the guilty to become human and make it all end.

We have to see ourselves as powerful beings again. We have to stop asking, stop begging. We need to start demanding.”

Check it out.

About Dr. Bones

Dr. Bones is a conjurer, card-reader and egoist-communist who believes “true individuality can only flourish when the means of existence are shared by all.” A Florida native and Hoodoo practitioner, he summons pure vitriol, straight narrative, and sorcerous wisdom into a potent blend of poltergasmic politics and gonzo journalism. He lives with his loving wife, a herd of cats, and a house full of spirits. He can be reached at Facebook.com/theconjurehouse and TheConjureHouse@protonmail.com
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