George Carlin Slams Cops In Previously Unheard Album Set to Be Released Sep. 1st


George Carlin: Wise man, Comedian, and someone who in his own words “rooted against the police and for the crooks.” 

Now we get to hear those words.

SiriusXM brought the good word on Wednesday that it would be releasing an entire album of original material from comedy legend George Carlin on its “Carlin’s Corner” channel September 1st. The material, filled with righteous anger against cops and the rats that aid them, hadn’t been released up till now because of the furious cop love post-9/11.

Now that the honeymooon is over and we’ve all remembered what fucking bastards the boys in blue are the world is finally ready to hear it.

Here’s a sample to keep you laughing until the album drops:

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About Dr. Bones

Dr. Bones is a conjurer, card-reader and egoist-communist who believes “true individuality can only flourish when the means of existence are shared by all.” A Florida native and Hoodoo practitioner, he summons pure vitriol, straight narrative, and sorcerous wisdom into a potent blend of poltergasmic politics and gonzo journalism. He lives with his loving wife, a herd of cats, and a house full of spirits. He can be reached at and
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