This Is Why the Left Will Never Win


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The American Left is so bankrupt, so rudderless, it can only be viewed as a cheap, depressing memory of what it once was. The Left is the hero you had in highschool now addicted to heroin, drooling on a cum-stained couch in some dirty apartment repeating the same story about “that one time they almost changed the world” in 9th grade.

Who took the Revolution out of the Left? Who is the usurper who broke down every ounce of militancy and replaced with the most bourgeoisie identity chess games? Who has done more damage to any “threat” the Left once posed to the powerful than any COINTELPRO operation known to man/woman/otherkin?

The Left itself.

I’m sure you heard about the Trump statues made by an Anarchist collective popping up in a few cities. What you may not of heard(and count yourselves lucky) is the bullshit response coming out of the tumblr infested internet:

“When we laugh at naked Donald Trump in Union Square, tug at his penis, stare, point, and mock, who are we really laughing at? Are we laughing at Donald Trump because Donald Trump is naked, and fat, standing in front of us? Are we mocking the fact that anyone who has cellulite or a gut or a figure that’s not valued by a capitalist, health obsessed, body-shaming society dares to be nude in a public space? Are we laughing at Donald Trump because we believe that men should be manly, and that manly means to have a big penis, and that anybody who doesn’t fit into that violent, cissexist masculinity is worthy of contempt?

Are we really turning the tables on the oppressor, or are we continuing to stomp on the oppressed?”

Yes folks, THESE STATUES ARE FUCKING OPPRESSING PEOPLE. Fuck you all and your “health obsessed” ways.

Don’t you like that sort of vague, empty collective use of the “oppressed,” a category that could easily be filled but is often thrown around as a place holder for “things that might possibly upset some ideologues I know.”

Can I ask a simple question: if we aren’t allowed to hurl cruel and derisive laughter at LITERAL capitalist oppressors, who can we?

I had to sit down and have several drinks before I could stutter a few words here, so forgive me if I go off the rails, but this kind of reflexive behavior is the reason the Left will never win. Ever. There will never be some grand march led by college-educated socialists on the halls of power. They are so entrenched in the reactive and reflexive loathing of ANYTHING that smells of power they’ve turned passive aggressiveness into an art form.

Between cocktails I flipped through my copy of Nietzsche’s The Genealogy of Morals, nearly dropping my glass as his prophetic words seared my eyes and so perfectly described politics today:

“What wonder, if the suppressed and stealthily simmering passions of revenge and hatred exploit for their own advantage their belief, and indeed hold no belief with a more steadfast enthusiasm than this—”that the strong has the option of being weak, and the bird of prey of being a lamb.” Thereby do they win for themselves the right of attributing to the birds of prey the responsibility for being birds of prey: when the oppressed, down-trodden, and overpowered say to themselves with the vindictive guile of weakness. “Let us be otherwise than evil, namely, good! and good is every one who does not oppress, who hurts no one, who does not attack, who does not pay back, who hands over revenge to God, who holds himself, as we do, in hiding; who goes out of the way of evil, and demands, in short, little from life; like ourselves the patient, the meek, the just,”—yet all this, in its cold and unprejudiced interpretation, means nothing more than “once for all, the weak are weak; it is good to do nothing for which we are not strong enough“….. thanks to the counterfeiting and self-deception of weakness, come to masquerade in the pomp of an ascetic, mute, and expectant virtue, just as though the very weakness of the weak—that is, forsooth, its being, its working, its whole unique inevitable inseparable reality—were a voluntary result, something wished, chosen, a deed, an act of merit.”

You can practically feel the subtle and smug push of the glasses as liberals tut-tuts some ragamuffin Anarchists who didn’t consult the proper identity congresses before committing such a daring crime. The American Left would have no action committed, no statement given until every aspect of anything is cleared to free it from “oppression.”

Oh oppression, that world so widely used. What is the oppression so decried here?

“There’s a temptation to exert power over the oppressor by telling him he is nothing but a joke to us.”

HOW DARE WE PEONS EXERCISE THE HOLY POWER OF MOCKERY. How dare the powerless seize power without permission, without the approval of the mass. How dare they leave the safe confines of theory and non-action and actually do something! How dare we filthy unwashed mass working two jobs and chain-smoking cigarettes to stay awake DARE to oppress the powerful. Nietzsche’s concept of resentiment is in full swing when the powerless are so mystified by slave status effectiveness itself becomes a tool of the powerful and thus must be given up, even if it’s used against them. Ideas such as logic, argument, struggle, and combat become “oppressive” or worse “masculine;” power itself, the naked ability to change things according to the will becomes something to be shunned.

This is pure idiocy and in an excellent essay Saul Newman covers it:

“Domination must be distinguished from power in the following sense. For Foucault, relations of power become relations of domination when the free and unstable flow of power relations becomes blocked and congealed — when it forms unequal hierarchies and no longer allows reciprocal relationships.These relations of domination form the basis of institutions such as the State. The State, according to Foucault, is merely an assemblage of different power relations that have become congealed in this way. This is a radically different way of looking at institutions such as the State. While anarchists see power as emanating from the State, Foucault sees the State as emanating from power. The State, in other words, is merely an effect of power relations that have crystallized into relations of domination.”

Instead of seizing power we are given “revolutionaries” that would deny power itself–including our own ability to use it. They will stop at nothing until a bland goo replaces all interactions, a safety net where nothing is attempted or done unless none be hurt including the powerful.

The American Left will take any action and twist it into a cry of Oppression, even if done by an ally, because that’s the only game they have left. They have thought themselves into such a tight box with such narrow conditions for things to be “good” they are permanently trapped into inaction. So, all they can do is criticize.

And as they remain locked away in safe spaces on college campuses or tumblr feeds the world will remain as it is: a hyper-capitalist death trap where the “alternative” cautions the hungry not to exert power by taking the bread they baked while making sure to cover their shriveled, thin bodies lest they inadvertently shame somebody.


About Dr. Bones

Dr. Bones is a conjurer, card-reader and egoist-communist who believes “true individuality can only flourish when the means of existence are shared by all.” A Florida native and Hoodoo practitioner, he summons pure vitriol, straight narrative, and sorcerous wisdom into a potent blend of poltergasmic politics and gonzo journalism. He lives with his loving wife, a herd of cats, and a house full of spirits. He can be reached at and
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3 Responses to This Is Why the Left Will Never Win

  1. KillThePrivilege says:

    Short Summary: The left will never win because white dudes get depressed when their feelings are hurt.

    In Spain, Anarchist men got called out by women all the time.
    Do you know what they did? They took it in, learned, empathized with their women comrades, and got back to executing fascists to move the revolution forward.

    Or do you want to suggest the Spanish revolution failed because the Mujeres Libres hurt the male Anarchist feelings?

    We have a lot more important things to be doing. Listen more, learn quicker, start empathizing with people of color/women/etc the way they ask you to, or expect the same useless shit that’s been happening.


    • Dr. Bones says:

      That was not in any way, shape, or form what I said.

      The fact the Left took a moment of action and debated how many people were “shamed” by depicting Trump with a tiny dick and no balls, and then called the Anarchists actually doing shit counter-revolutionary is a sad fucking joke.

      I’m all for people being called out. I’m all for us learning.

      What I’m not for is boxing ourselves up in a space where every action is “bad” because it does not please every single possible manifestation of physical form.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Dr. Bones says:

      I actually wrote a 5,000 word essay on the subject of identity and I’d honestly enjoy your opinion on it:


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