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Podcast | Jan 28, 2016

Egoist-Communism, The Failure of the Left, and “What Must Be Done?” Just what the hell is Egoist-Communism? How does it relate to other “Leftist” currents? And how exactly would such a thing come about? L’Unique, writer and administrator of the … Continue reading

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Podcast | Jan 17, 2016

Class Disparity, Folk Magic, and Insurrection with Dr. Bones – FRM Podcast In this installment of the Free Radical Media podcast, the Free Rad crew speaks with Dr. Bones of the Conjure House. A Disinfonaut, Hoodoo Practitioner and occultist, and … Continue reading

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Welcome to The Conjure House

When I say I am an anarchist, I simply mean that, to the extent that I have the power, I refuse to let anyone or anything dominate me. In other words, I refuse to accept the power of any authority, … Continue reading

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